Truth and Politics

By Thomas Carter

The problem

Our country is in the midst of a presidential election, one that both sides describe as the most consequential election of our generation. Both sides in this monumental choice are exerting their best efforts to convince the voters that they hold the right philosophy and the best plan for moving America forward to prosperity and happiness. Both sides are telling a story that they want the voters to accept and to believe.

Each side in this great controversy is trying to convince the voters that they hold the truth in the debate. That is the basis for their pitch to the nation. The question for America is: Who holds the truth, and which philosophy conforms to the truth? Who can we believe? Truth is the fundamental question.

In this age of unprecedented ease of communication and technological access to information, one would think that the truth of any particular controversy would be easy to find. On the contrary, the technology of our world today enables distractions, rationalizations, false representations, and demagoguery to distract from the truth, making it harder than ever to distinguish truth from propaganda. Any question can be, and is, argued and debated, often until the truth is utterly confused in a cacophony of argument of self-interest and discord.

Is it any wonder, then, that the public becomes confused and individuals become cynical and resort to personal prejudice, self-interest, or raw emotion, rather than a rigorous examination of the truth, in casting their vote in favor of any particular party? Indeed, some will even argue that there is no truth in the matter, or that the truth is relative to the interests of each individual. €Your truth is right for you, but my truth is right for me, and both are equally valid.€ This is a cunning and dangerous proposition, for it cuts one off from any standard of truth, and leaves him adrift in a sea of whim, blown by the winds of emotion, bias, and egotism.

What is truth?

A philosophical discussion of the definition of truth is beyond the reach or purpose of this essay. I will stipulate that truth is an absolute, and that there is only one truth to any given question. Without this stipulation, any argument of truth or right or what is best will be meaningless, for all argument is based on the fundamental standard of truth. This is different, however, from opinion, which is not necessarily truth. Reasonable persons may have different opinions on any given subject, but this should not be construed as truth.

Why do people believe as they do?

In the current political landscape, an enduring question is: €Why do people believe what they do?€ Why do half of the people believe one thing, and one half believe another? Why are there seemingly good and rational adults supporting opposite points of view? There has to be an answer to this question. We must answer this question if we are ever to become a united people.

Belief is a choice. People believe what they want to believe. The art of a politician is to give people a reason to believe what he wants them to believe or in what they already want to believe. These assertions explain what is going on in America today.

There are many reasons why people believe what they do. Their belief may be a result of tradition, culture, or personal interest. Often, people will believe simply based on emotion. Sometimes, a person will conform his beliefs to be consistent with his preferred behavior. People may have a strong reason for what they believe, but that does not necessarily mean that what they believe is true. Some people do not know why or what they believe, merely ascribing to the popular sentiments of the environment they find themselves in. Some people are confused in their beliefs simply because they have not made the effort to become informed.

To illustrate this, I will use a quote from Thomas Carlyle’s classic work: Heroes, and Hero Worship, as he discusses in 1905 the antiquated beliefs in Paganism:

€Surely it seems a very strange-looking thing this Paganism; almost inconceivable to us in these days. A bewildering, inextricable jungle of delusions, confusions, falsehoods and absurdities, covering the whole field of Life! A thing which fills us with astonishment, almost, if it were possible, with incredulity, — for truly it is not easy to understand that sane men could ever calmly, with their eyes open, believe and live by such a set of doctrines. That men should have worshipped their poor fellow-man as a God, and not him only, but stocks and stones, and all manner of animate and inanimate objects; and fashioned for themselves such a distracted chaos of hallucinations by way of Theory of the Universe: all this looks like an incredible fable. Nevertheless it is a clear fact that they did it. Such hideous inextricable jungle of misworships, misbeliefs, men, made as we are, did actually hold by, and live at home in. This is strange. Yes, we may pause in sorrow and silence over the depths of darkness that are in man; if we rejoice in the heights of purer vision he has attained to. Such things were and are in man; in us too.€

–Thomas Carlyle, Heroes and Hero Worship

Careful reflection upon the world around us will convince us that man is still capable of believing falsehood and error. It will perhaps dismay us that we, also, may be capable of believing that which is not true, and which, when the light of truth is cast upon our awareness, will be shown as deception and absurdity.

€€¦We shall begin to have a chance of understanding Paganism when we first admit that to its followers it was, at one time, earnestly true. Let us consider it very certain that men did believe in Paganism; men with open eyes, sound senses, men made altogether like ourselves; that we, had we been there, should have believed in it€¦.€
— Thomas Carlyle

If so many, in so many eras, in all times and in all places, have been victims of falsehood and deception, how then, is one to find the truth NOW?

We must first recognize, then, that man is subject to error and deception, that alone, he is fallible. Each of us is fallible.

We must also be honest with ourselves: Much of our belief may be what is easy or natural for us to believe (tradition, culture, environment, how we grew up), and some of our beliefs may also be what we want to believe based on our emotions, behavior, or self-interest. Every man and woman has a solemn responsibility and duty to carefully examine his/her beliefs and the reasons he believes as he does. If he is to arrive at an understanding of the truth, he must be willing to give up his pre-conceived notions, prejudices, self-interests, and any particular or personal agenda. He must put aside his emotions that may be distracting him from clearly viewing the truth. He must become intelligently informed. This is the price he must pay to find the truth.

Believe what is true

If a man can believe what is false, he can also believe what is true. He can choose to believe the truth. To believe the truth is a choice and a supreme challenge for each person. A mark of true manhood is to find, choose and commit oneself to believe, as much as is possible, the truth.

The truth can be found. Truth shines pervasively and independently, and prevails over error and deception. However, truth is often obscured or confused by distractions, rationalizations, false representations and philosophies, and demagoguery, promoted by those with their own agenda or self-interest. This is obvious to any sincere seeker of truth. In this climate, one must search diligently for the truth. He must pay the price to find the truth.

The standard for truth

The truth will always be consistent with the facts. Truth will always be based upon and consistent with fundamental and sound, time-tested principles. Truth will always be consistent with God-given moral values. History and sad experience has shown u

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pearl harbor quotes

pearl harbor quotes

Famous quotes about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor start out with these, informing the particular Kido Butai aircraft carrier Akagi that the air raid occurred understanding that it achieved the particular element of surprise:
“TO, TO TO” (short for totsugeki, meaning “charge,” indicating the particular attack had commenced)
“Tora-Tora-Tora!” (indicating shock was achieved).
— Japoneses Commander Mitsuo Fuchida’s signals to be able to Akagi
But undoubtedly the most famous quote about the Pearl Harbor assault was President Franklin N. Roosevelt’s request to Our elected representatives for a declaration of conflict the following day:
[ For total coverage of national politics and policy, go to Yahoo! Politics

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941-a time which will live in infamy-the United states was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air causes of the Empire regarding Japan… No matter how lengthy it may take us to beat this premeditated invasion, the actual American people will via their righteous might acquire through to absolute success… With confidence in our equipped forces-with the unbounded determination of the people-we will gain the actual inevitable triumph-so help us The almighty. I, therefore, ask how the Congress declare that since the dastardly and unprovoked attack through Japan on Saturday, December seventh, a state of war has been in existence between the United States and also the Japanese Empire (listen to the entire speech about audio).”
— President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dec. 8, 1941, speech asking Congress to declare war on Japan
Blueprint of interest about this renowned quote: Roosevelt wrote it himself except for the following to last series which was contributed simply by FDR advisor Harry Hopkins. The line “a date which will live in infamy” originally read “a date which will live in world history,” which did not have quite the same band.
“Before we’re through together, the Japanese language is going to be spoken only in Hell.”
–Vice Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey, spoken through his flagship Venture upon returning to Pearl Harbor and seeing the wreckage which included his search aircraft. Halsey was well-known for his dislike of the Japanese.
“To hold the United States at our own side was to me the greatest joy. Right now at this very moment I understood the United States was in the war, up to the particular neck and in to the death. So we acquired won after all!… Hitler’s fortune was sealed. Mussolini’s destiny was sealed. Are you aware that Japanese, they would be ground to powder.”
— English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, writing in a memoir about his response to FDR’s Dec. 7 , 1941 telephone call to inform your pet of the attack
“The destiny of the Empire sits on this enterprise. Each man must devote himself totally to the task in hand.Inches
— Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander in Main of the Japanese Navy blue, Dec. 7, 1941
“A threatening [political] opposition was gathering over the mind of this man [Roosevelt]. He or she guessed that the only salvation for him or her lay in rerouting public attention from your home to foreign coverage… He was strengthened in this by the Jews about him… The full diabolical meanness associated with Jewry rallied around this man and that he stretched out his fingers. Thus began the particular increasing efforts of the American President to create conflicts… For years this kind of man harbored one desire — that a conflict should break out somewhere on the planet… The fact that the Japanese Federal government, which has been negotiating for a long time with this man, offers at last become sick and tired of being mocked by him in such an not worth way, fills people, the German people, and all other good people in the world, together with deep satisfaction… As a consequence of the further expansion of President Roosevelt’s plan, which is aimed at unhindered world domination and dictatorship, the U.Utes.A. together with England have not hesitated from using any means to dispute the actual rights of the In german, Italian and Japanese nations around the world to the basis of their own natural existence … over these historic times, the actual existence or non-existence with the nations, is being decided perhaps forever.Inches

Today marks 69 years since the Japoneses air attack upon Pearl Harbor. December 7, The early 1940’s is a day which forever changed our own nation’s history and will never be overlooked. Remember this day nowadays with these Pearl Harbor Quotes.

Top Pearl Harbor Evening quotes after the jump!
Pearl Harbor Quotes:

Below are a few Pearl Harbor quotes from the past and provides that will without a doubt give you something to think about:

“Yesterday, Dec 7, 1941-a date that can live in infamy-the United States of America has been suddenly and purposely attacked by naval as well as air forces of the Empire of Japan. Regardless how long it may take us all to overcome this premeditated intrusion, the American people will certainly through their righteous might win through to absolute victory. With confidence in our provided forces-with the unbounded determination of the people-we will gain the actual inevitable triumph-so help us Lord. I, therefore, ask the Congress declare that because the dastardly and unprovoked attack by Japan on Weekend, December seventh, a situation of war has been in existence between the United States and also the Japanese Empire.”
-President Franklin Deb. Roosevelt on Dec. 8-10, 1941, asking Our elected representatives to declare fight against Japan

“Everybody knows about Pearl Harbor. The point that really fascinated myself is that through this particular tragedy there was this amazing American heroism.”
-Michael Fresh

“The parallels between 9/11 as well as Pearl Harbor are striking. In every instance there were signs before the attack, as well as in each instance the government failed to hook up the dots.”
-Diane Watson

“Today, the usa spends less upon defense as an area of our economy than we did at any time since he Western attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world’s only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious problems.”
-Steve Forbes

“Our military thought that they couldn’t get to Pearl Harbor, that it has been too long a journey from Japan to get presently there, and they proved us all wrong.”
-Jerry Bruckheimer

Take The Quiz – Has The Political Class Ever Resolved A Major Issue?

This quiz asks you to name the approximate year or era of the following New York Times headlines. After the headlines, you will see when those headlines appeared and you may begin to recognize a pattern, namely, after decades of paying for thousands of politicians to go to Washington, the value and successes we have gotten in return is pretty measly:

* Calm In The Middle East Urged by The President

* Cigarettes Peril Health, U.S. Report Concludes, ‘Remedial Action’ Urged

* President’s Farewell Sees Threats To Liberties In Vast Defense Machine

* Congress Expects Accord This Week On Tax Cut Bill

* House, 382-4, Votes To Help Consumer

* OPEC Parlay Weighs New Oil Price Rises and Cuts In Output

* Sun Powered Airplane Crosses Channel

* AMA Says Plan Would Drive Many Doctors Out Of Medicare

* City’s Teachers Perform Poorly On State Exam

* Tax Plan Offered To Curb Evasions, Raise $237,000,000

* Jerusalem’s Fate Held Main Issue In Settlement Of Palestine Question

* North Korea Calls U.N. Order Illegal

* President In Midnight Statement, Take Up Oil Scandal, Promises Facts Will Be Revealed, Guilty Punished, Special Counsel From Both Parties To Bring Our Truth

* U.S. Forces Take Control In Baghdad, President Elated, Some Resistance Remains

* 178 Nations Reach A Climate Accord, U.S. Only Looks On

As you might expect, every one of these headlines could have occurred today. Middle East strife, a military budget and industry out of control and wasteful, no energy breakthroughs or coherent national energy policy to make us energy independent, bad teachers, health care problems, tax issues, failed government bureaucracy in the consumer protection field, North Korea, political class corruption, etc. It makes you wonder what these people in Washington have been doing all these decades if the issues we have faced through the years are still unresolved today.

Okay, let’s see how you did on the quiz. The headlines are repeated below along with the first paragraph of the New York Times article that followed the headline and some brief commentary after each headline capsule:

1. Calm In The Middle East Urged by The President – April 1, 1954: President Eisenhower called on Israel and Arab states to restrain their extremists and permit other nations to help them settle their disputes.

Commentary – Fifty seven years after Ike issued his plea, the two sides are no closer to a long term peace agreement than back in 1954. Fifty seven years of fruitless negotiations, resulting in untold suffering and deaths on both sides as a constant state of conflict has existed since this headline. No one in he political class has found a way to solve this problem since Ike’s plea.

2. Cigarettes Peril Health, U.S. Report Concludes, ‘Remedial Action Urged – January 12, 1964: The long awaited Federal report on the effects of smoking found today the use of cigarettes contributed so substantially to the American death rate that “appropriate remedial action” was called for.

Commentary – One of the primary drivers of bad health and high health care costs in this country today is the millions of people that smoke tobacco products in America. While the rate of smoking has come down over the decades, millions still smoke to the detriment of their own health and the health care costs of us all. The government correctly identified the threat over 47 years ago, the political class has yet to come up with a way to eradicate the threat and the associated costs.

3. President’s Farewell Sees Threats To Liberties In Vast Defense Machine – January 18, 1961: President Eisenhower cautioned the nation in a farewell address from the White House tonight to be vigilant against danger to its liberties implicit in a vast military establishment and a permanent armaments industry unparallelled in peacetime.

Commentary – this statement is really scary, given Ike’s military background. Here was an insider to both the political class and the U.S.military correctly forecasting that unless kept in check, this “military/industrial complex” would continue to eat up more and more resources even though there was no world wide war or conflicts going on, wasting resources while endangering our freedom.

Unfortunately, his accurate warning went unheeded by the political class, so much so today that our military budget eats up about 25% of the revenue the Federal government collects. This 25% is far too much for the defense needs of the country today, resulting in an overgrown Pentagon bureaucracy, foreign deployments of U.S. troops that are not needed, and billions of dollars of taxpayer waste every year.

4. Congress Expects Accord This Week On Tax Cut Bill – February 17, 1964

Commentary – No need to go through the first paragraph of this article since it is basically the same as the many other historical tax cut tax cut articles. Forty seven years ago the political class was still wrestling with the proper tax code to have and that wrestling match continues on today. The constant adjusting and fighting over the code has resulted in a tax plan that is overly complex and overly simple to cheat on, resulting in unfairness across all income ranges.

5. House, 382-4, Votes To Help Consumer – February 2, 1968: The House passed today a comprehensive “truth-in-lending” bill designed to give consumers full and clear information on how much they pay in interest and other finance charges on loans and credit purchases.

Commentary – Hey, wasn’t this one of the main reasons for Obama to push through the Dodd/Franks financial industry reform bill last year? Wasn’t that bill and the consumer protection agency bureaucracy it created supposed to do the exact same thing? What happened between last year and 1968, why do we need this new consumer protection law when we had one back in the 1960s? Didn’t anybody in D.C. learn anything from 1968’s action?

6. OPEC Parlay Weighs New Oil Price Rises and Cuts In Output – March 27, 1979: Pressure for another large increase in world oil prices built up today at the opening of a meeting of oil ministers of the Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Commentary – given that gas prices have risen considerably in just the past year, it appears that 32 years after this headline appeared, the political class and its useless Department of Energy are no closer to removing us from these OPEC threats than we were back in 1979.

7. Sun Powered Airplane Crosses Channel – July 8, 1981 – After several earlier unsuccessful attempts, the first solar powered plane succeeded today in crossing the English Channel.

Commentary – The crossing was accomplished with only the solar power the plane could generate during the flight. The plane contained no batteries to store any solar power it created and there was no other means of power on the plane.

Thirty years after a solar powered plane proved viable and successful for quick air flights, how come the political class, Federal government, and its Department Of Energy have not been able to find a way to solar power a car that never leaves the ground, given that some English folk thirty years ago powered a plane just on solar?

8. AMA Says Plan Would Drive Many Doctors Out Of Medicare – October 4, 1995: After months of public silence, the American Medical Association expressed the concern about Republican proposals to redesign Medicare, saying new limits on payments would make the program unattractive to many doctors.

Commentary – as with the other headlines, this headline could have occurred quite recently, specifically right in the middle of the Obama Care negotiations. It is an issue now, it was identified in the Times as an issue sixteen years ago, and nothing was done in that time frame to make it a non-issue by the political class.

9. City’s Teachers Perform Poorly On State Exam – November 16, 1999: Not only does New York City have a disproportionate number of uncertified teachers, but those that do pass the state certification exams tend to score much lower than their counterparts in the suburbs and upstate.

Commentary – Nowhere has there been any evidence or glowing reports about how effective the New York City schools are today. It could be that their schools are temples of learning but if not, twelve years after the world knew the city teachers were not measuring up, nothing has apparently changed.

10. Tax Plan Offered To Curb Evasions, Raise $237,000,000 – December 6, 1933: Broad based tax reforms designed to increase the Federal revenue by $237,000,000 and prevent avoidance and evasion of the internal revenue laws was recommended by the House Ways and Means committee.

Commentary – Seventy eight years after trying to get tax evaders under control, we are no closer to that goal today than we were back in 1933. A March, 2008 issue of Money magazine quoted an IRS study that estimated that the Federal government fails to collect $197 billion every year from tax cheats. Thus, nothing has changed in 78 years except the number of zeroes in the amount of money the government fails to collect as stipulated by its own tax laws.

11. Jerusalem’s Fate Held Main Issue In Settlement Of Palestine Question – December 21, 1949: The place to study both sides of the Palestine conflict is in Jerusalem. Here are two distinct cities, as far apart in aspect, time, outlook and way of life as they are near in space.

Commentary – Sixty two years later, Jerusalem is still the same flash point of conflict and hatred that it was back when Truman was President, eleven Presidents ago.

12. North Korea Calls U.N. Order Illegal – June 28, 1950

Commentary – 61 years later, nothing has changed, North Korea still defies the world with the only major difference being is that now it is a nuclear player, certainly not an improvement from 1950.

13. President In Midnight Statement, Takes Up Oil Scandal, Promises Facts Will Be Revealed, Guilty Punished, Special Counsel From Both Parties To Bring Our Truth – January 27, 1924: President Calvin Coolidge will name special counsel representing the Republican and Democratic parties to prosecute those guilty of fraud in connection with the leasing of oil lands in the Naval reserve areas of Wyoming and California.

Commentary – Eighty seven years ago the political class and the oil industry were already in bed together, cutting deals, both illegal and legal, in order to benefit themselves rather than doing the right thing for the country. Today, the same things goes on, with oil companies always making hefty donations to both political parties to influence government behavior to their benefit, with the latest embarrassment being the fact that BP oil donated more campaign money to Barack Obama in 2008 than any other candidate.

14. U.S. Forces Take Control In Baghdad, President Elated, Some Resistance Remains – April 10, 2003: Much of Baghdad tumbled into American hands on Wednesday as Saddam Hussein’s image was pulled down from pedestals and portraitures around the city. But American and British commanders said the war in Iraq, including the battle for Baghdad, was not over and faced critical days ahead.

Commentary – this was probably the easiest headline to date, given the Baghdad reference but it is important to include anyway. Unfortunately, the estimate of days ahead became weeks ahead which became months ahead and seven years later we are still there, spending money, and losing troops to sporadic battles. Why we are still in country, given the current President’s pledge to get us out quickly, is a mystery.

15. 178 Nations reach A Climate Accord, U.S. Only Looks On – July 24, 2001: With the Bush administration on the sidelines the world’s leading countries hammered out a compromise agreement today, finishing a treaty that for the first time would formally require industrialized nations to cut emissions of gases linked to global warming.

Commentary – This one was included to show that the American political class is not alone in being unable to accomplish much of anything. Although this treaty was signed over ten years ago, it has been reported that the vast majority of the signers of the treaty have failed to make any significant headway into reducing their emissions even though they signed off on the treaty. Thus, even when political classes around the world have clear cut objectives and goals, they still can’t seem to be able to get anything done.

Pretty depressing. Decades go by and the major issues of our times go unresolved. Dirty politics, tax evasion, complex tax codes, Middle East hatred, an out-of-control military, the continuing energy crisis, the lost war on drugs, North Korea, escalating health costs, failing public schools, etc. No issue ever gets resolved despite the American taxpayer spending TRILLIONS of dollars and suffering through thousands of ineffective politicians.

What should be done? The follwing steps would be a good start:

– Step 1 – do not allow anybody or any organizations to contribute to election campaigns unless they were a single U.S. citizen. This would help remove the influence of businesses, unions, PACs, and lobbyists from political decisions and hopefully, make those decisions more focused on solving problems and not politicans’ reelections.

– Step 2 – this step would set up a review process that would remove Congressional committee members from their committee posts if their committees were unable to meet at least minimal standards of performance for their committee’s responsibilities. For example, given the lack of a functioning and effective energy policy and the failure of the Department of Energy to deliver any value to the American people, Congressional energy committees would be prime candidates to be re-staffed with new people.

– Step 3 – impose term limits on Federal politicians so that they they focus only on the nation’s issues while in office as opposed to focusing on their reelection. Also, the current Congress has members that have been in Washington for decades, the same period when the major issues of the country have not been resolved. Thus, these long term politicians can now be considered part of the problem and not part of the solution. They need to be removed via term limits and fresh people with fresh ideas and fresh enthusiasm brought in.

Hopefully, in the next twenty, thirty or more years the New York Times articles headlines above are not still as relevant as they are to us today, i.e. a monument to the inability of American politicians to solve a problem.

2010 – Memorable and Forgettable Political Quotes Of The Year

As the year draws to an end I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the mostly inane quotes that our political class graced us with this past year. They are either memorable or forgettable but most of them are a sad commentary about the ineffective people that are currently running all levels of government in this country:

“Now, Congress will have to pay for what it spends, just like everybody else.” President Barack Obama, February 13, 2010. Guess this message did not get up to the Capital as the Federal government again spent over a TRILLION dollars more than it collected in taxes, imposing more than $8,000 additional debt burden on every United States household.

“I may be at a point in my career that I am going to do what is right and makes sense.” Senator Joe Lieberman, January-February, 2010 issue of the CATO Policy Report, quoting from the San Francisco Examiner. Why start now, at this point in his long career the Senator might just as well continue to do what is wrong and makes no sense.

“Act like you’re at your grandma’s house.” California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, Earthlink News, February 25, 2010. Portantino was sponsoring a resolution in the California legislature that would create “Cuss Free Week” in California. This is a state that faces a $20 billion budget deficit, is shutting down government functions and agencies and laying off teachers and other state workers because of the revenue shortfall but clean language apparently is a higher priority and bigger problem for the California political class.

“Trust in government rarely gets this low.” Andrew Kohut, Associated Press, April 19, 2010. Kohut is the director of the Pew Research Center which had recently released its latest survey findings, showing that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans do not trust the Federal government and have little faith it can solve America’s ills. Mr. Kohut obviously has a flair for the understatement, especially since this lack of trust has been this bad only twice in the past 60 years or so.

“Many women who do not dress modestly – lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which consequently causes earthquakes.” Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, Associated Press, April 19, 2010. And these people want to have nuclear weapons. Be scared, be very scared.

“Anytime you see something growing and expanding and there are no rules, you need to regulate it.” Pittsburgh Mayor spokesperson Joann Doven, Pittsburgh Tribune- Review, March 1, 2010. Why let the free market grow the economy when government can step in, for no reason, and regulate it to death?

“My fear is that the whole island [Guam] will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Congressman Hank Johnson, The Hill, March 31, 2010. These words were actually spoken, on the record, at a Congressional committee hearing with naval officers. Why was he not worried about Manhattan island, home of millions of more people? Unbelievable.

“We do not anticipate that happening.” Naval admiral responding to Congressman Johnson’s Guam capsizing fear. Whew, Guam residents can now rest easy.

“Governor [New Mexico] Richardson has always said that he would consider making good on Governor Wallace’s promise to Billy The Kid for a pardon.” Governor spokesperson Alarie Ray-Garcia, Associated Press, July 30, 2010. Better to work on a pardon for an outlaw who died about 120 years ago or spend time and government resources helping LIVING New Mexico citizens cope with high levels of unemployment and other contemporary issues? Another atrocious instance of bad political priorities.

“Every boundary of decency has been crossed.” Retiring Congressman Bart Stupak, Parade Magazine, November 7, 2010. The Congressman was lamenting the hateful and poisoned atmosphere in Washington where words like baby-killer, racist, knuckle dragging Neanderthal, a__h___, un-American and debasing phrases are thrown around to describe any American who dares to have a different opinion from the speaker of the insults.

“We all have a responsibility where appropriate to seek forgiveness.” One term Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Earthlink News, November 17, 2010. Spoken as the Governor, his staff and the Florida parole board wasted government resources and time working on a pardon for Doors lead singer, Jim Morrison, who died almost 40 years ago, despite the fact that Florida is facing devastatingly high unemployment and home foreclosure rates. More bad priorities from your political class.

“Every American has likely experienced the frustration of abrasively loud television commercials. While this may be an effective way to grab attention, it also adds unnecessary stress to the daily lives of many Americans.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Associated Press, December 3, 2010. The fine Senator was the Senate sponsor of a useless Federal government bill that would restrict the sound volume of television commercials. Would not the Senator’s time and his staff’s time be better spent on reducing unemployment in the country, fixing our failing public schools, getting the national debt under control, etc.? I think solving these issues might go much farther to reducing “unnecessary stress” in “the daily lives of Americans” then reducing the sound volume of TV commercials. Has no one in Washington every heard of the Mute button or DVR technology?

Best Political Quote of 2010: “Do you know how many political and economic decisions are made in this world by people who don’t know what in the living daylights they are talking about?” Former President Bill Clinton, Associated Press, September 21, 2010. Stating the obvious has never been so eloquent.

Runner Up Best Political Quote of 2010: “We have managed to acquire $13 TRILLION of debt on our balance sheet. in my view, we have nothing to show for it.” Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, Washington Post, September 3, 2010. And whose fault is that?